Oleg Pissarenko Band “REALLY”

Music that cleanses the spirit



Composer and guitarist Oleg Pissarenko is one of the best kept secrets of Estonian music. His concerts are journeys to inner worlds that cleanse the spirit and enchant almost every listener.

Oleg’s music is music of peace and love. His harmonies and melodies touch your heart, helping to connect with your lighter side of being. The impact of Oleg’s music is similar to Pat Metheny’s emotional and gentle touch, while carrying the meditative depth of Arvo Pärt’s music.

Born in Narva, in the family of Ukrainian ancestry, Pissarenko has lived and studied music in Tallinn. For the last ten years, he has lived and taught music in Tartu, having become a pillar of a local music life there. Pioneer of jazz education, founder of Estonia’s best jazz club, organizer of IdeeJazz festival – there are the main key words that shine light of Oleg’s activities in Tartu.

But in his heart, Oleg Pissarenko is a composer and a musician who has created a unique soundscape, perhaps even a unique music genre. The music that cleanses the spirit.

Oleg lives in Tartu with his spouse Evelin, son Peeter and cat Margoo.

Oleg Pissarenko Band has played together for ten years, bringing together talent from every player. The Band has released five albums with Pissarenko’s music and played in many countries in Europe and Russia.

Oleg Pissarenko Band is:
Oleg Pissarenko – guitars
Raun Juurikas – keyboards
Mihkel Mälgand – double bass
Ahto Abner – drums

Oleg Pissarenko Band performs their new show „REALLY“ in Nordea Concert Hall on March 17th, 2016 at 19:00. The reduced price tickets are available until February 5th, 2016.

“Oleg Pissarenko Band’s music is brilliant, simple and beautiful. Its deep impact ise best revealed in attentive listening, especially in concert. I invited along both my teenage children and my parents, who are approaching 80. Amazingly enough, all three generations got a beautiful and deep musical experience. Oleg’s music is truly consciousness expanding and trans-generational. I am in awe – and recommend whole-heartedly!”

Peep Vain

author of The most important question

“It was evident that there were four highly talented men on stage – and one outstanding personality.”

Mart Niineste

music critic

“Pissarenko’s composition differs clearly from everything else in Estonian music. His concert was like an encounter with something big and unknown – something that frees and liberates.”

Ivo Heinloo

Editor at Classical Radio Ivo Heinloo

“The audience (alonside with Pissarenko) enters step by step a light musical trance. With each tune, this deepens and evolves into a version of eternal bliss, a kind of a soft nirvana. The whole room is stuck to their seats, every tune is followed by a warm applause. It is very rare occasion when such peaceful music gently takes over the majority of people in the audience, commanding total attentiveness.”

Cyril Moshkow magasine, chief editor

Oleg Pissarenko Band “REALLY”

March 17th in Nordea Concert Hall



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